One Business at a Time


The Own It coworking and (soon to be) artist space was created to organize the vibrant community of creative professionals and thought leaders in and around Brunswick Maryland. We are that COMMUNITY.


Whether you’re a commuter, freelancer, self-employed, or just starting out, we’ve got you covered.

From a place to be inspired, to be productive, to meet clients, we think you’ll find something to love.


We are creatives, intellectuals, introverts, extroverts, and everything in between. 

We are LOCAL.

We are self-employed, start-ups, entrepreneurs, teleworkers, freelancers and ideas waiting to happen.


Individually, our talents, our interests, our industries vary but....

TOGETHER, we are better.
TOGETHER, we inspire each-other
TOGETHER, we motivate each-other
TOGETHER, we make stuff happen 

Through our collective skills and talents, we are passionately and purposefully building our businesses, our lives, and the community around us. 

WE are Own It.

(Y)Our Mission

Build a community Where people work to make a difference, not just a living.
Your work matters to you and it matters to us.

Inside these walls is collaborative space where you are valued for more than your membership.

You are appreciated for your time, your talents, and the unique perspectives you bring with you..

We're a diverse, passionate, and tenacious crew creating a movement throughout this community.  

The only thing missing is you.


Some of our awesome amenities include

Dedicated Desks Available

Meeting Room Access

Concept Workshops

Business Class High Speed Internet

Conference Calling

Locally sourced coffee on tap all day every day

60" Flat screen TV
  Media Room                       
  Phone Booths           
Print/Scan/Fax services                                           

Professional Mailing Address        

Online Forums - Take Community with you!

You are unique and your workspace should be too.

We understand there is no “one size fits all” solution for your needs.  That's why we've worked hard to create a space that's flexible.

Open seating, dedicated desks, bar seating in the kitchen, meeting rooms and a flex office make finding that perfect spot for today easy.  And because it's flexible, you can choose a totally different spot tomorrow.

The Own It Company is located in the heart of Downtown Brunswick inside one of the most historic buildings in downtown.  The Horine Building, named for Dr. Horine, who served as the railroad and board of education doctor, is rich with character and history. 


As we endeavor to honor our past and build on our future, we have created an eclectic work environment that fosters both creativity and productivity.  

Join the Movement


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From open seating to meeting rooms, we think you'll find your business home with us.


Most of us take advantage of the open seating.  Grab a spot and get to work.  


Need a desk that’s all yours?  Need the conference room?  Have a team of 2 or more people? We've got a plan for that.


Get in touch about our "Uniquely You" membership plan:  A custom option tailored to fit your needs.


Memberships are now available and manageable online, click here to learn more today!


For Conference Room Only usage click here for more info.

CommYOUnity  Membership

• Impact the local community and economy - every dollar we bring in goes towards furthering our efforts for community, local impact, and economic development

• 24/7 access to members in our online chatrooms: ask questions, share ideas, and make stuff happen

• Join the force behind local projects


• Participate in free/discounted events every month: think-tank sessions, lunch and learns, happy hours, meet and greets and more

• Discounts to local business for everyday living and business needs

• Drop by the coworking center 1 day a month for a productive work day

• 50% discount on additional days

Join the movement now for $20/mo or $200/yr (prepaid)



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Our Founding Members